Isabelle Demers at the BBC Proms
Isabelle Demers at the BBC Proms
Chris Christodoulou

Isabelle Demers at the Proms #2338

. . . the irrepressible and ever resilient Canadian virtuoso shares her light with the audience at the Royal Albert Hall.

Hour 1

RICHARD WAGNER (trans. Demers):  Die Meistersinger PreludeRACHEL LAURINPrelude & Fugue in G, Op. 89, fr 12 Short Pieces Volume 6 (world premiere performance).  J. S. BACH (trans. Dupré):  Sinfonia from Cantata BWV 146SAMUEL COLERIDGE-TAYLOR3 ImpromptusIsabelle Demers (1871 Willis-1933 Harrison & Harrison-2004 Mander/Royal Albert Hall, London, England) (r. 8/26/23)

HENRY MARTIN:  Fugue No. 7 in E –Isabelle Demers (1993 Fisk-Rosales/Edith Bates Old Recital Hall, Rice University, Houston, TX) Pipedreams 1004

Filler – COLERIDGE-TAYLOR Impromptu No. 1 (see above)

Hour 2

HENRY MARTINPrelude & Fugue No. 5 in AIsabelle Demers (1993 Fisk-Rosales/Edith Bates Old Recital Hall, Rice University, Houston, TX) Pipedreams 1004

MAX REGERChorale-Fantasy, Ein feste Burg, Op. 27.   WILLIAM GRANT STILLElegySERGEI PROKOFIEV (trans. Demers):  Romeo & Juliet Ballet (excerpts) –Isabelle Demers (Royal Albert Hall) (r. 8/26/23)

Filler – WAGNER (see above)

The primary content of this program was provided by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).  Ms. Demers has recorded her Prokofiev transcriptions on the Marcussen organ at the Tonbridge School in Kent, England, available from Acis Productions.

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And here’s further background on the Henry Martin Preludes and Fugues, published by Evensong.

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