1963 Casavant/Central Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN
1963 Casavant/Central Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN
Richard Rasch

The First Forty Years #2339

. . . an irreverent reflection on the somewhat unbelievable four-plus decade history of  PIPEDREAMS, with glimpses of the past, and projections for the future from host-producer Michael Barone.

Hour 1

#8301: Introduction to first 1983 Program

McNEIL ROBINSON:  Accompaniment to and Improvisation on O, that I had a thousand voicesMcNeil Robinson (1963 Casavant/Central Lutheran Church, Minneapolis MN) PD Archive (r. 6/16/1980)

J. S. BACHFugue in C, BWV 564Robert (“Bart”) Pitman (1961 Holtkamp/St. John’s Abbey Church, Collegeville, MN) PD Archive (r. 10/11/1972)

FELIX MENDELSSOHN:  Scherzo, fr A Midsummer Night’s DreamKen Cowan (1926 Skinner/Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church, Detroit, MI) JAV 118

HERBERT HOWELLSTe Deum in E-flat, fr Collegium RegaleChoir of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London/Barry Rose; John Scott (1927 Skinner/Cathedral of Saint Paul, MN) PD Archive (r. 6/16/1980).  A fine BBC1 documentary “Paul’s Children” is available on Youtube.

RICHARD WAYNE DIRKSENSurge, illuminare, fr 3 Songs of Isaiah (premiere) –Choir of St. Thomas Church, New York City/Gerre Hancock; Judith Hancock (1937 Skinner/National Cathedral, Washington, DC) PD Archive (r. 6/28/82)

Filler – RAY HENDERSON:  Birth of the Blues

Hour 2

HENRY MARTINPrelude & Fugue No. 2 in eKen Cowan (1997 Fisk-Rosales/Edith Bates Old Recital Hall, Rice University, Houston, TX) Pipedreams 1004

GIAN CARLO MENOTTIRicercare (1984) –John Weaver (1937-1974 Aeolian-Skinner/Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA) PD Archive (r. 1984) Pipedreams 1001

RICHARD STEWARTPrelude for Organ and Electronic SoundsDavid Engen (1985 Schantz/Church of St. Leo the Great, Saint Paul, MN) Pipedreams 1003

WILHELM GROSZ/HUGH WILLIAMSHarbor LightsJOHN STAFFORD SMITHThe Star-spangled Banner  –Scott Breiner (1932 Midmer-Losch/Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ) PD Archive (r. 8/2/23)

JOHN SCOTT (arr.):  Creator of the stars of night –Llandaff Cathedral Choir/Stephen Moore; Aaron Shilson (2010 Nicholson/Llandaff Cathedral, Wales) Regent 573

OLIVIER MESSIAEN (trans. Åberg):  Choral de la Sainte Montagne, fr La Transfiguration de Notre Seignejur Jésus-ChristLars Åberg (1974 Flentrop/de Doelen Concert Hall, Rotterdam, Netherlands) Pipedreams Archive (#8304)

MENDELSSOHNAllegro, Chorale & Fugue in d/D –Thomas Murray (1938-1962 Aeolian-Skinner/St. Paul’s Chapel, Columbia University, New York City) PD Archive (#8716) Pipedreams 1001

Filler – DIRKSEN (see above)

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