2002 Letourneau/Winspear Centre, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
2002 Letourneau/Winspear Centre, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Rob McAlear

Console Comrades #2415

. . . to alleviate the insular aspect of the usual organ practice session, our players have invited some interesting friends to join them.

Hour 1

ALESSANDRO MARCELLOConcerto in c –Manfred Wordtmann, saxophone; Hans-Martin Limberg (1955 Führer/St. Pantaleon Parish Church, Roxel, Germany) FSM 97.204

JAN KOETSIERPartita for Trumpet and Organ, Op. 14, no. 2Joel Treybig, trumpet; Andrew Risinger (1969 Aeolian-Skinner/McAfee Concert Hall, Belmont University, Nashville, TN) Curvepoint 2017

CAMILLE SAINT-SAËNSAndante for Horn and OrganChristopher Larkin, horn; Christopher Bowers-Broadbent (1915 Hill/All Hallows, Gospel Oak, London, England) Hyperion 66275

TAKASHI SAKAI:  Fantasy for Mandolin & Organ, Op. 30 –Sanae Onji, mandolin; Takashi Sakai (1978 Möller/Junshin Women’s College, Tokyo, Japan) Studio Lyric 580367

KRIPPNER & WALTON:   Changes (Improvisation for Organ and Percussion) –Sam Walton, percussion; Ronny Krippner (1988 Frobenius/All Saints Church, Kingston, England) Fugue State Films 375389

Filler - KOETSIER (see above)

Hour 2

J. S. BACH (arr. Werner):  Sarabande, Gavotte & Gigue, French Suite No. 5 in G, BWV 816Hans Martin Werner, whistler; Paul Wisskirchen (1980 Klais/Altenberg Cathedral, Germany) TMK 4104

BACHSarabande, fr French Suite No. 1 in d, BWV 812.  TRADITIONAL:  Dance after Pers Erik Olsson –Lisa Rydberg, fiddle; Gunnar Idenstam, harmonium, Gazell Records 1092

WOLFGANG STOCKMEYERAndante for Cello and Organ (on a theme by Liszt) –Thomas Blees, cello; Wolfgang Stockmeier (1978 Schwelner/Evangelical Church, Witten-Brommen, Germany) Thorofon 2119

OTTORINO RESPIGHIAria, Op. 31, no. 6Robert Murray, violin; Ardyth Lohuis (1951-1968 Aeolian-Skinner/St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Richmond, VA) Raven 923

MALLE MALTISSilver SpringHedi Viisma, kannel; James D. Hicks (1910 Link-1996 Mühleisen/St. Paul’s Church, Ulm, Germany) Pro Organo 7309

W. A. MOZARTSonata in D, K. 381Marnie Giesbrecht & Joachim Segger (2002 Letourneau/Winspear Centre, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) Duo Majoia 2010 

Filler - BACH:  Gigue, fr French Suite No. 5 (see above)

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