1968 Harrison organ at King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, England, UK

1968 Harrison organ at King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, England, UK

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#0220: Going On Record

We march through a sonically stimulating sequence of recently issued compact discs on our next Pipedreams program. You’ll savor some English instruments from the 18th century, French music from the 17th century, an Austrian antique from the 16th century and a clangorous composition from the 15th century talk about time travel. This week, you’ll also hear first recordings of new music commissioned by a forward-thinking church in Saint Paul, taste the glories of one of America’s grandest concert instruments at Yale’s Woolsey Hall, and relive the exciting times of a popular and well-aid virtuoso. Calvert Johnson, Thomas Murray, John Butt, Roger Fisher and others demonstrate the goods. We’re Going On Record with new CDs in review this week on Pipedreams.

#0237: Wondrous Love, Greater Love

This week’s broadcast is a meditation on that ever necessary, always powerful, inscrutible yet marvelous energy we call love. The choir of Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London, sings of the love of God for humankind. Bach and his favored pupil Krebs lovingly decorate Lutheran hymns based on themes of loving kindness. Virgil Fox plays of love’s dream, and other composers explore the range of love as evidenced in folk songs, oratorios and operas. It is a wondrous thing, a power that transports us beyond the mundane and opens new worlds of expression and experience. From folk tunes and hymns, art song and opera, our performers draw upon upon rich resource of music to sooth the soul.