1981 Holtkamp organ, Opus 1965, at Plymouth Congregational Church, Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Holtkamp Organ 1982
Plymouth Congregational Church, Holtkamp Organ, 1982
Jeff Scofield/Pipe Organ Database

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#0350: Sing, Beloved

Whether it’s a wakening call, a Brazilian sleighride or a gentle lullaby, this week we’ll serenade the spirit of the holiday season with a fanciful collection of familiar carols. From the pen of Leroy Anderson or Julien Zbinden, both choirs and instruments are combined into one harmonious message which speaks of peace on earth. Our seasonal offering sounds the wake-up call and makes plans to be home for the holidays, as we listen to musicians raise their voices in praise at Christmas time. Join with them as they Sing, Beloved.