1959 Schlicker organ at Valparaiso University, IN

1959 Schlicker organ at Valparaiso University, IN

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#0052: An Organist’s Yearbook

We reflect on the passing of time on our next Pipedreams broadcast. The old year now is gone and done. So are a number of wonderful musical friends whom we will honor and miss. But, we’ll also celebrate some intriguing new instruments, check up on the Wanamaker Organ in Philadelphia for a progress report on the ongoing restoration there, sample some recent recordings - including a disc which just won a ‘golden ears’ award from a popular audiophile journal and stop down in Mexico, where fireworks and the village band added to the excitement of a visit from some Norwegian performers.

#0137: From the Wolf’s Den

He lives in the countryside just down the road from Valparaiso University, he’s got a recording studio and a barber shop in the barn out back, and spends considerable time teaching in Saarebruecken, Germany, and Appleton, Wisconsin. And when he plays, his imagination works overtime. We visit with the ever stimulating and always iconoclastic Wolfgang Rübsam to understand why amidst all the other distractions organ music continues to feed his soul and, through him, ours. As a former pilot, a barber, recording engineer, teacher, and recitalist, he’s totally fearless, and willing even to risk a Bach Trio Sonata in concert. Wolfgang Rübsam reflects on his career and accomplishments, and shares some great and timeless music, From the Wolf’s Den, this week on Pipedreams.

#0222: Earning the Prize

We delight in young talent and celebrate in Seattle on our next Pipedreams program, with highlights of four exceptional players whose award-winning potential bodes well for the organ’s future. Rising stars and Paul Jacobs, though still in their early 20s, have already proven themselves. We hear them in recital at Church of the Epiphany. National AGO Improvisation Competition winner Justin Bischof whips up a storm at Saint James Cathedral, and Interpretation Competition winner Ji-yoen Choi demonstrates her skill on the famous Flentrop organ at Saint Mark’s Cathedral. They are our beacons, shining into the future of the organ art award winning young recitalists in concert in Seattle for the American Guild of Organists, working towards Earning the Prize this week on Pipedreams.

#0309: Women’s Work

They’ve come a long way, from motherhood and home life to professions and entrepreneurial adventures. This week’s broadcast celebrates the contributions of women as composers for the organ. From modern day talents such as Libby Larsen, Margaret Sandresky and Emma Lou Diemer, to the once neglected pioneering energies of Maria Theresa von Paradies, Gracia Baptista and Fanny Mendelssohn, we’ll enjoy a variety of styles and textures including thoughtful chorale-preludes, graceful dances, and vigorous toccatas. Christa Rakich provides anecdotal introductions and performances recorded at Columbia University Chapel in New York City on Women’s Work and the ‘better half’ of organ music.