1976 Rieger organ at Augustinerkirche, Vienna, Austria

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#0126: Serene Alleluias!

It’s all about praise, joy and thanksgiving. Our next Pipedreams program provides music to gladden the heart and lift the spirits. We’ll have a celebratory Prelude by Franz Schmidt, a composer hailed in his native Austria, and almost totally unknown elsewhere. Max Reger contributes a tumultuous chorale-fantasy, Vincent Youmans provides some popular songs, Pierre Cochereau takes us to an Easter morning service at Notre Dame Cathedral, and the choir of Ascension Episcopal Church in Stillwater, Minnesota offers up a cheerful shout. Stimulate the senses and sooth the soul, with Serene Alleluias, this week on Pipedreams.

#0133: Archive of Italian Evolution

It had to start somewhere, even when it comes to new styles of writing for the keyboard. On our next Pipedreams broadcast, we’ll trace the art of the organ from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, from Antegnati to Ravanello, with recordings on some of the earliest playable pipe organs, solos, duets, saucy sonatas, romantic tone poems, and dramatic concertos. Influenced by the world at large, by court, church, theatre, and concert hall, these pieces by Gabrieli and Galuppi, Bergamo and Bossi, and Casella document a remarkable and colorful artistic progression an Italian Evolution, this week on Pipedreams.