Alain Alone #9021

…A tribute to the unique genius of early 20th century musician Jehan Alain, with comments from his famous sister and one of his many admirers and advocates, James Kibbie.

On June 20, 1940, Jehan Alain, musician, father, brother, was killed in combat defending his homeland against an invading army, five days before the French withdrew from WWII. He was 39.

Alain: Litanies (1937)  Marie Claire Alain (1750 Valtrin organ/Basilica of St. Christopher, Belfort)

Alain: Premiere Fantasie (1934); Deuxime Fantasie (1936)  James Kibbie (1985 Wilhelm/First Congregational Church, Ann Arbor, MI)

Alain: Postlude pour l'office de complies (1930)  James Kibbie (1971 Danion-Gonzalez/Cathedrale, Chartres, France)

Alain: 3 Short Pieces (Chant donne; Fantasmagorie; De Jules Lemaitre)  Martin Haselbock (1976 Rieger/Augustinerkirche, Vienna, Austria)

Alain: Trois Danses (1939)  Marie Claire Alain. Erato ECD-88194

Alain (trans. Egler): Trois Mouvements  Frances Shelly, flute; Steven Egler (1980 Pilzecker/SS Peter & Paul Church, Detroit)

Alain: Prelude profane No. 1 (1933)  James Kibbie (First Congregational, Ann Arbor)

Alain: Litanies  James Kibbie (1971 Danion-Gonzalez/Cathedrale, Chartres, France)