1986 Marcussen organ at Wiedemann Hall, Wichita State University, Kansas

1986 Marcussen organ at Wiedemann Hall, Wichita State University, Kansas

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Programs that feature this organ

#0025: Organ Plus

Even if we think we can take care of everything ourselves, all of us need a few friends, and this week’s Pipedreams program brings together the king of instruments and a variety of friendly collaborators. Of course, organs have plenty of their own flutes, but one more, blown by lungs rather than bellows, can add so much. We’ll hear also pieces for organ with piano, organ with chamber orchestra, organ and harp - now THAT’s a fine combination - and the great energy-maker organ and brass. Joan DeVee Dixon, Steven Egler, Frances Shelly, Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet, Jon Gillock and others show what a harmonious relationship is all about.

#0201: The First Twenty Years

Where do the hours and the months and years go? Can you believe it? Our next Pipedreams program observes the 20th anniversary of our first national broadcast, which was way back in the winter of 1982. Believe it or not, we were hatching our plans even before then. This week, hear some of those earliest tapes, plus get a sampler of things we’ve done and places we’ve been over the past two decades. After 20 years has it all been played? Not a chance. Some bright ideas never dim, and this week we’ll reflect on a score of great music and plan for the future. Organ music on the Radio? Absolutely! Listen as we celebrate the first twenty years, an anniversary retrospective, this week on Pipedreams.

#0238: Play It Again, Sam

A good tune is a joy forever, but instead of repeating the same melody over and over, why not make it different? This week’s show illustrates the art of variation. Organist, Hannes Meyer toys with a European folksong, while the late, great George Thalben-Ball takes the ferocious fiddling of Paganini and transforms it into a virtuosic dance on the organ pedals. Secular or sacred, sumptuous or sometimes just plain silly, our themes provide remarkable opportunity for creative possibilities. It’s all about the altered intent, where one good tune demands another take. By the end, even you’ll be calling out, Play it Again, Sam.

#0841: Archive of Rorem on Rorem

…we celebrate composer Ned Rorem with performances of his music in anticipation of his 85th birthday. On this week’s show, we visit with Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Ned Rorem and celebrate the remarkable and envigorating repertoire that he has composed for organists and choirs. Is it strange that an agnostic son of Quaker parents should write so compellingly for the church or is everything under the sun just a concert celebrating creativity? Insights from the artist with his art, it’s Rorem on Rorem.