Photo–Richard Rasch

An American Anthology #8809

…Works by American composers, including selections form the new American Guild of Organists 90th Anniversary anthology of American Music.

AARON COPLAND: Preamble for a Solemn Occasion (1949)  Ray Urwin (1928 Welte;1964 Moeller;1983 Gould & Schultz; 2012 Foley-Baker/Cathedral, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

JAMES HEWITT: Trip to Nahant  James Welch (Schoenstein/St. Mark's Church, Los Olivos, CA)

VINCENT PERSICHETTI: Prelude, Prayer and Toccata, from "Dryden Liturgical Suite" (1979)  Marilyn Mason (1963 Casavant Frères/Central Lutheran, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

DANIEL PINKHAM: 2 Versets  Karen Larson (Dobson/St. Michael's Church, Stillwater, MN)

GERRE HANCOCK: Prelude on "Slane"  Mary Seboldt (Dobson/St. Michael's Church, Stillwater, MN)

ELIZABETH LARSEN: Sonata in One Movement on "Kalenda Maya"  Karen Larson (Dobson/St. Michael's Church, Stillwater, MN)

DAVID HURD: "Evening Song"  John Seboldt (Dobson/St. Michael's Church, Stillwater, MN)

NED ROREM: Elms, from "Views from the Oldest House," 3 movements from A Quaker Reader  Nancy Whipkey (Dobson/Ascension Episcopal Church, Stillwater, MN)

SAMUEL BARBER (arr. Strickland): Adagio for Strings  Paul Martin Maki (Aeolian-Skinner/Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, NY)

CHARLES IVES: Variations on "America,"  Günther Kaunzinger (1977 Klais/Cathedral, Ingolstadt, Germany)

Excepting the Ives and Hewitt selections, all other music was recorded in concert for this broadcast.