Anthony NewmanAnthony Newman

Archive of Anthony Newman at Large #0034

There’s no doubt that he’s fleet of foot and finger, but on this week’s Pipedreams broadcast Anthony Newman shows that his imagination is every bit as quick. We’ll hear him in works by Bach recorded in New York and Poland; in two concertos by Handel played with extravagant embellishments in concert with the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra; in some French miniatures presented at the Performing Arts Center in Naples, Florida; and in several of his own compositions and in duet performances with his wife Mary Jane. Don’t miss these imaginative insights and intrepid interpretations from one of America’s foremost virtuoso talents and thinkers.
The Castro TheatreThe Castro Theatre

California Capers #0033

This week’s Pipedreams broadcast takes you to the Bay Cities in California for a program of organ music on the lighter side. At the Oakland Paramount, Lew Williams and Jim Riggs pour on the charm, Kevin King tightens the ranks at the Berkeley Community Theatre, while across the water Simon Gledhill and Clark Wilson open doors at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, still one of the country’s best settings for Wurlitzer wonders. With a Mississippi Suite, a Stephen Foster Fantasy, a musical String of Pearls, plus some odes to the delights of local life, it’s a package frothy and delightful.

Purcell's Pleasure

Beyond the familiar Trumpet Tune, this week’s broadcast features many pieces by one of England’s foremost masters, one of his contemporaries and some later imitators. He’s justly celebrated, but sometimes for not quite the right reasons. Henry Purcell, the foremost English composer of the late seventeenth century, is our particular fascination on the next Pipedreams broadcast, when we’ll listen to everything he wrote for organ, plus some pieces that he DIDN’T, but to which his name is traditionally and tenaciously attached nonetheless. With period instruments and grand cathedral organs played by Robert Woolley, John Butt, John Scott, Davitt Moroney, and even Virgil Fox, we go on beyond the familiar Trumpet Tunes to hear Voluntaries and Marches, Anthems, Songs, and Dances, looking back through 3 centuries in tribute to the memory of one of Britain’s famous past masters.
Flentrop Organ Duke University Flentrop Organ Duke University

The Art of Escape (Part 1) #0029

Bach may have considered this piece a theoretical study and not have intended The Art of Fugue to be performed at all, since he prepared it in open score and left the climax incomplete. On our next Pipedreams program, we give life to theory, as an international array of soloists leads us through Bach’s contrapuntal maze, this music which astounds the mind and delights the ear simultaneously. A fugue too many? Not to worry, we’ll provide a map to help you listen, and hand you all the keys necessary to open the doors of mystery. How does it end?
1692 Arp Schnitger organ [plus additions] at the Martinikerk, Groningen,...1692 Arp Schnitger organ [plus additions] at the Martinikerk, Groningen,...

A Bach Gamut #0028

Everything has to start somewhere, and on this week’s Pipedreams broadcast it begins with some alpha wavesmusic in the key of A, beginning a scalar ascent through some of Johann Sebastian Bach’s best and best-loved works. Wolfgang Rübsam performs at the Martini Church in Groningen, the Netherlands; Kevin Bowyer solos in Odense, Denmark; and Daniel Chorzempa, David Roght, Hans Fagius, Noel Rawsthorne, Jean-Patrice Brosse, Thierry Mechler and E. Power Biggs all reveal the genius of Bach in preludes and fugues, fantasies and chorale settings.
E. & G. G. Hook, Bangor, Maine.E. & G. G. Hook, Bangor, Maine.

It’s the Maine Thing #0026

It’s an exciting discovery. On beyond the rock-bound coast, the lobsters and L.L. Bean, the state of Maine is a state of musicorgan music, specifically, as we reveal during a Down East tour with the Organ Historical Society of intriguing instruments from Saco to Stockton Springs. Thomas Murray plays the famous Kotzschmar organ at Portland’s City Hall, Marvin Mills explores a century-old Jardine organ in Yarmouth, Brian Jones plays a march in Turner Village, and Dana Robinson and Paul Tegels go the four-hand route on the 140-year-old Hook instrument at Saint John’s Church in Bangor. Join host Michael Barone for this idyllic trip through the highways and byways of Maine.
1990 Marcussen organ at the Norwegian College of Music, Oslo, Norway1990 Marcussen organ at the Norwegian College of Music, Oslo, Norway

Organ Plus #0025

Even if we think we can take care of everything ourselves, all of us need a few friends, and this week’s Pipedreams program brings together the king of instruments and a variety of friendly collaborators. Of course, organs have plenty of their own flutes, but one more, blown by lungs rather than bellows, can add so much. We’ll hear also pieces for organ with piano, organ with chamber orchestra, organ and harp - now THAT’s a fine combination - and the great energy-maker organ and brass. Joan DeVee Dixon, Steven Egler, Frances Shelly, Marie-Bernadette Dufourcet, Jon Gillock and others show what a harmonious relationship is all about.
1435 Anonymous1435 Anonymous

Ancient Delights #0024

The old tunes have their charm, and the old instruments, too, as we revisit the beginnings of organ music; play on pipes that have been singing persuasively for four, five, and six hundred years; and remember that the matter of age directly relates to attitude. This week on Pipedreams you’ll hear instruments dating from the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries - instruments from Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands - including the oldest in the world, still going strong.
St Paul’s Cathedral, London, UK; Father Smith, 1679St Paul’s Cathedral, London, UK; Father Smith, 1679

This is the Day #0023

It’s all so familiar but also the beginning of an uncharted adventure. This week’s Pipedreams program explores wedding music in its broader implications. We’ll have traditional processionals, historic works in celebration of a joy-filled day, exotic pieces from Finland and the Czech Republic songs and ballads about true, perfect and wondrous love, an anthem about an amiable dwelling place, and even a warning lest fools rush in. For June brides or newlyweds at any time of the year, it’s music which proclaims This is the Day.
John EggertJohn Eggert

New Music from Minnesota #0021

Contrary to the notion that the organ is old-fashioned, this week’s Pipedreams broadcast takes a look at organ repertoire today, with a sampler of some engaging and accessible modern compositions from the upper Midwest. Leonard Danek plays his little bouquet, Flowers, David Cherwin shows us some of his hymn-preludes, John Eggert discovers an amazingly diverse collection of styles right in his own backyard, and Diane Meredith Belcher premiere’s Libby Larsen’s Aspects of Glory at an Organists Guild Convention.
1979 Fisk1979 Fisk

Pipedreams Live! In Saint Paul #0020

This week on Pipedreams host Michael Barone gathers some friends together at House of Hope Presbyterian Church in Saint Paul for a concert in celebration of Pipedreams’ first compact disc release. It’s sort of a show-and-tell affair, with performances by Leonard Danek, Edward Berryman and Michael Ferguson in of some of their own works, one of which takes a Bachian-challenge to its triumphal conclusion. Monte Mason leads his splendid choirs, and Melanie Ninnemann teams up with Michael Barone for a sonorous organ duet. And Michael will even play a solo or two.
1998 Buzard organ1998 Buzard organ

After the Fall #0019

Sometimes faith is all that’s left. And all that’s needed when disaster strikes. All is not lost, and on the next Pipedreams broadcast, our music represents the rekindled spirits which responded to the horrific bombing in Oklahoma City, the devastating tremors of a Los Angeles earthquake, a hurricane in Charleston, South Carolina, and a chapel fire in Kent, England. Out of the rubble and despair rises harmony and new enthusiasm. Scott Raab, Wayne Foster, Kevin Bowyer, and Thomas Harmon show us the way with music of hope rekindled.
The 1996 Schantz-Parkey organThe 1996 Schantz-Parkey organ

Pipedreams Live! In Atlanta #0018

It’s all about friends having fun. On this week’s Pipedreams program, Sarah Hawbecker plays the urban and urbane music of Leo Sowerby, Timothy Albrecht and John Cook. Alan Morrison explores works by Atlanta-based composer William Krape. Norman Mackenzie performs a virtuoso sonata written for him when he was just a younger guy, and Elizabeth and Raymond Chenault prove that a harmonious home life also leads to lively harmonies at the organ console, when American Public Media host Michael Barone visits with five of Georgia’s finest recitalists in a special program recorded in 1998 at Central Presbyterian Church.
1998 Fritts/Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Wash.1998 Fritts/Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Wash.

The Fritts Organ at Pacific Lutheran University #0017

On this week’s Pipedreams broadcast we feature a splendid instrument recently inaugurated in Tacoma, Washington. A musical college kid with high ideals, but more adept in a woodworking shop than the practice studio, Paul Fritts makes music by connecting one component to another. We’ll listen to the result - his magnum opus built at the new concert hall on the campus of his alma mater. Resident artist David Dahl and guest recitalist Craig Cramer play the old masters on the handiwork of a young one - a program of Bach and Schumann, Messiaen and Cindy McTee.