1761 J.A. Silbermann organ at Arlesheim Cathedral, Switzerland

1761 J.A. Silbermann organ at Arlesheim Cathedral, Switzerland

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#0012: Happy Birthday, Herr Bach!

Awaken to the coming of spring and simultaneously celebrate a most important anniversary this week on Pipedreams. We honor Johann Sebastian Bach while enjoying his music - both youthful escapades and mature profundities - as played by Simon Preston, E. Power Biggs, Jonathan Dimmock and Kate von Tricht. Other composers offer unusual homage, too, and Håkan Hagegård, Rupert Gough, and Stewart Foster provide a few unexpected surprises. Dress casually, come with a friend, but bring no gifts; the best ones are already on the table.

#0304: Concertos a la Carte

We may properly give Handel credit for inventing the organ concert, but as this program reveals, Italian composers were on the scene, both before and afterwards. The true father of the ‘concerto proper’ was Arcangelo Corelli, whose grand works proved attractive to an English arranger. Vivaldi included the organ amongst groups of other solo instruments, and Bach transformed Vivaldi’s string pieces into recital music for virtuoso organists, who also are well served by Alfredo Casella’s Romantic Concerto from 1926, a sonorous extravagance. Join us for this special collection, Concertos a la Carte.